wedding pictures
this is michelle our photographer's website...go to "till death do us part" on the side menu and find jason and the feet on the main page are ours!!! haha

how to dress

it's's hot! please dress comfortable for summer, that means if you want to wear shorts that's ok! as you all know jason and i are pretty laid back and we're trying to have our wedding reflect that so please dress casual...there is a pool and it WILL be open if anyone wants to swim after the ceremony, so feel free to take advantage of that!!! :)

engagement pictures

bri johns took some great pics of jason and i at the mesa arts center

more pictures posted on our facebooks :)


to rsvp email or call 602.390.0092
please RSVP as soon as possible
just let us know how many of you are coming :)
oh...and kids are more than welcome


we are registered at

location and parking

parking is extremely limited!!! please carpool: it'll help save the environment and help the parking situation.

From the south, take the 202 north and exit McDowell. From the northwest, you must exit Power and go south to McDowell. Take McDowell east to 78th St. (There is an LDS church on the NW corner). Take 78th north to Plymouth and turn right (east). Go all the way to the end and the road will turn north on 80th. The house is on the NE corner of Plymouth and 80th and can be accessed by foot from 80th. You can park on both sides of the street on Plymouth, 80th, and Quenton, which is one street north. There will be parking attendants to direct you thru the alley that runs past the south of the property for additional parking on E. Plymouth. Any other way in is dirt road. The above directions are on paved roads.

the address is 8010 E Plymouth, Mesa, AZ